Scorpio weekly horoscope february 9

Sharing the brighter and more affectionate side of your character comes naturally this week, and you're more drawn towards risk and adventure. Fortunately, instinct will help you negate any obstacles as you intuitively sail in the right direction. This week the Sun puts his feet up in your sector of family and home and, in this instance, familiarity breeds content.

If guests start flowing through your door, all the better.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Introductions to new friends are also a strong possibility. This theme continues through to early November, though in a more active way as thoughts turn towards renovation. Mars is on the move, and so are you. Should you find yourself up against equally determined minds, stop and listen. You could actually learn from others opinions. Social invitations no longer need polite avoidance. Playing the perpetual peacemaker can sometimes leave you wondering about the myth of give-and-take.

This week, your more determined edge works to your benefit. Some may still choose to openly disagree with your values and ideals, while others simply refuse to keep up with your faster pace. Ignore their jibes and go about your own business.

Scorpio horoscope February 12222

The pursuit of happiness can be difficult. Too many responsibilities, too much pressure.

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Mix a little determination with a lot of ambition, and you'll get a recipe for success. Whether you dedicate that energy to your career or love life is up to you - perhaps you can satisfy both. Those with the Sun in Scorpio are special, mostly because very few people understand you. Yours is the sign which commands the most awe and respect.

Scorpio February Monthly Horoscope Predictions |

Quietly mysterious, others should never underestimate your silent strength - particularly this week. The trouble with seeing the larger picture is that you often skip the finer details. Thinking big is great, but some ideas need blood, sweat and tears to get off the ground. Bear this in mind should one or two recent projects not prove viable. Still, celebrations look likely.

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Scorpio Weekly Astrology Forecast February 9th 2015 Michele Knight

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