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It is, however not just a [ Popularity and downfall — Each of us is born with some special qualities and when those come in the public glare, we usually earn appreciation and become popular. There is a small demarcation between being popular and successful however. Popularity is driven by mass impulse but success is hard earned. A person becomes successful in the forming of the dasa-bhakti of strong lagna lord and by virtue of certain yogas in the kundali.

Destiny is a harder nut to crack [ Significance Of Shivlinga — Shiva is one of the most notable deities of Hinduism. Among the canon of other deities, he is pervasive and his mind is free from chaos. As per the mythology, Shiva is the creator, protector and transformer of the Universe. He lives an ascetic life in the Mount Kailash and mostly pictured in a meditative position. He is fondly remembered by his devotees as the formless, limitless and transcendental being who has a commanding third eye [ Compatible Zodiac Signs — The zodiac signs belonging to the same element are compatible usually.

Unquestionablythe zodiacal equations are imperative for the relationship. It will prosper if one person has managed to find another with same qualities. Then again, having the polar opposite characteristic traits also makes good pairing because the opposite person holds a mirror to bothyour qualities and vices you were unaware of.

Here under [ Profession As Per your Zodiac Sign — Like many other aspects, zodiac plays a crucial role in determining your career. The career concern makes for an exploitation tool the fake astrologers use to fleece you. But it is no rocket science to weigh the career options in the same scales as the zodiacal attributes before jumping the gun.

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The relationship between career and astrology is symbiotic so one must listen to the heart and rule out the strong winds of [ She has carved her niche as one of the popular deities of Hinduism because of her benevolence on the humankind. She bids fare to be a widely worshipped goddess whose blessings insure you for lifelong financial stability. Jupiter is the Karaka for marriage for women. Thus, the Karakas own houses are spoiled. Sun is lord of 2nd, Venus lord of 4th, Mars lord of 5th and Mercury lord of 12th houses.

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Mars residing in 11th house, with 2nd aspect is looking at 2nd house and with 8th aspect is looking at Saturn in 6th house. According to SCD, the House Mahadasa of 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th and 12th and Antardasa of 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th and 12th are considered for predicting the possibility of marriage timing event.

As explained above, with Saturns ownership of 7th house and Mars ownership of 7th house from Moon and Mangalik, the SCD period became helpless. Conclusion: Even though there are different possibilities for the marriage timing event, since the Vimsottari mahadasa being Saturn who is the lord of 7 th house, the event did not happen.

The Vimsottari Dasa when the Natives age was between 22 and 36 years old June is shown below. Saturn is the lord of 2nd and 3rd houses and residing in 11th house and is exalted and retrograde. Further, Saturns 10th aspect is on 8th house owned by Moon and Venus is residing here. Saturn being lord of 7th house is in 11th house and with its 3rd aspect is looking at 1st house where Moon Matru-Karaka is residing.

Saturns 7th and 10th aspect is on houses owned by Jupiter and Jupiter is residing in house owned by Saturn.

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The slight window of opportunity is very crucial for the native. The present Vimsottari dasa is Jupiter Mahadasa. Since Jupiter is karaka for Marriage for women and Lord of 1st and 4th houses, this chart is considered for prediction.

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Natal Saturn is exalted too. Natal Saturns 3rd aspect is on 1st house, where Jupiter Karaka for Marriage is residing. Jupiter is the lord of 1st house too. Natal Moon, Matru-Karaka and lord of 8th house is residing in house owned by Saturn. Since the native is still unmarried as of March , the next possibility is before May Transit Jupiter will be touching 7th house, there by having a direct aspect on 1st house where Natal Jupiter is residing.

Jupiters Mahadasa began in Sep and ends in Sep Jupiter Retro being lord of 12th house and residing in 3rd house Owned by Enemy Mercury will be less helpful for the native to get married. To add further, Mars is lord of 1st house cojoined with Venus natural Karaka for marriage and lord of 7 th house and residing in house owned by Saturn.

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Based on this chart, the possible period for marriage was between March and March The whole SCD provided opportunities for the native to get married. Since Jupiter was NOT strong and Venus got afflicted and above all Saturn residing in 11th house, none of the provided opportunities are strong enough. Read Free For 30 Days. Flag for inappropriate content. For Later. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next.

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Search inside document. Case 4, because Saturn was in 11 house, is lord of 2 th nd th house Chart 2.


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