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Another way to look at retrograde planets is that their energies go from conscious to unconscious. In the case of Jupiter, you may experience unconscious expansion in the areas of wisdom, learning, philosophy, mentorship and relationship with teachers coalescence of information you could only understand intellectually up to now , and the larger picture of things.

In fact, these pictures may occur as projections—dreams and visions. This decrease in speed will happen when it turns direct in August, also.

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April Exact April 10 Venus in Pisces sextile Saturn in Capricorn: Serious long-term relationships emerge from meetings that occur at this time. Also, this may result in large age-gaps or mentor-mentee relationships. They may be romantic or platonic. This is a nice blend of integrating an artistic approach and understand along with structuring an evaluative way of testing the waters and learning about creativity and organizing life.

April 11 — 16 Exact April 14 Venus in Pisces trine North Node in Cancer : If you use your heart and your divine feminine energy, you can feel into the family of the world at this time.

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What would you like to create and contribute? Raising this energy needs to be done consciously. April 10 — April 16 exact April 13 Sun in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn : This conflictual energy puts us in touch with how our ego energy can be at odds with power.

Maybe this will be shown to us because someone who is in a position of authority will externalize it. Maybe it will be because we, ourselves, need to examine how we use power. The highest use would be to examine power structures in relation to the human ego. How does personal power intersect with group power? How do both intersect with other forms of power—the power of universal consciousness?

The power of nature? Maybe acknowledging what we create and the creations we are only a small part of and interact with would help us to keep from setting up any conflicting social situations associated with the square aspect. In any case, understanding that a square aspect is occurring and attributing conflicts to it will probably keep us from doing harm.

Also, an easy way to work with this energy is to do some third chakra meditations if you like that approach. Also, if you have something broken that needs to be fixed—power up your life by fixing or replacing it. April 11 — April 17 exact April 14 Sun in Aries trine Jupiter in Sagittarius : Using the Jupiter energy in a trine aspect can be a way to expand and access our understanding of ourselves.

This is an opportunity to examine ourselves and understand how we are growing in new ways. You can also do this through exercise when fire signs are involved—getting physical through mountain climbing or some sort of inspirational sport activity is highly recommended. You can try a new and daring sport or activity if you like. April 12 — April 17 exact April 14 Venus in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn: This is supportive energy to integrate romance, creativity, and financial support along with the other aspects during this time to whatever you are transforming. Jupiter is also retrograde.

Venus is trying to hold up both sides of a heavy barbell—and doing it with Pluto see above , the heaviest planet in the chart. Jupiter has taken a siesta. April 17 Mercury Enters Aries: Oh, how we wish to BE through touching the objects of this world; through our nervous response to the world around us.

Mercury rules our nervous system and Aries is the sign of birth and being. As Mercury the swift-footed moves through Aries, we want to take everything around us and make it our own, so please do not embody thief-Mercury with impulsive Aries, but instead embody the fact that you probably will pick up something new this month and feel it all through your nervous system. I hope you will be able to sleep. Also, look out for head injuries and brain injuries.

On the plus side, you may find healing instead of injury for issues and injuries of these natures.

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The first half of April may be a crucial time to consciously train your mind to be ready for a new cycle of growth when it hits Chiron. Life is asking us to step up our trust and our actions. No sitting on the sidelines; Aries wants us thinking and acting out of integrity and with some assertive, creative energy. Use Mercury to develop a strong mind this cycle.

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This is symbolic of how we live closer and further from one another in relationship, balancing our love and fear toward one another. Taurus energy needs to start in the body first, so let yourself use nature, movement, and meditation to heal. Offer those around you your balance as a path through. April 20 Sun Enters Taurus: Taurus rules the neck, and the idea of holding our heads up high in the feminine energy of Taurus occurs to me a s a beautiful symbol of Spring this year. Taurus is the earth itself learning to manifest life. The very essence of life emerging from the decay of the past, using the past to create new life—is the essence of the Taurus magic.

Slow and steady and soft, we feel how the solar power moving into Taurus changes from the fire of Aries into the slow body of Taurus. Aries wants to spark and Taurus wants to plant. That is why Taurus can be called possessive—the way the soil possesses a seed for a little while—to offer it space to grow. April 20 Venus Enters Aries: Venus moves into the sign that lights the flame of manifesting new beings. Our personal needs may feel paramount. Conversely, we may feel childlike and attracted to a high level of activity, stimulation, intellectual activity, and sexuality.

Enjoy the fiery interaction and inspiration that comes from relationships and projects while Venus if in Aries. April 20 — 26 exact April 23 Venus in Aries conjunct Chiron on Aries: It is possible to inflict wounds in relationships or heal relationships. It is possible to help or heal your financial or creative life. A new start is available provided you keep your eye on healing.

April 20 — 25 exact April 22 Sun in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus : The Sun is not the light we see from the Sun but what is behind that light—the power of a star. We may not be able to see into a star but we can sense a bit of starlight in the fact that we ourselves are made from starlight. Uranus manifests in varying degrees of intensity and constructivism as it speaks the language of wholeness to its parts, or the language of earth to its inhabitants.

Ideas come to and through poets, artists, inventors, scientists, statespersons, and revolutionaries. Any seeds of ideas that have been planted inside you may unexpectedly take root with this aspect. Or, you may see power outages…. April 24 Pluto in Capricorn turns Retrograde through October 3 : Pluto is one of those planets that has to do with what life does to us.

While we have little control, we may observe that events conspire and swirl around us to transform us and affect us as individuals even though we feel a bit like they are beyond our reach.

With Pluto retrograde, we may feel we have reach into things we ordinarily would not have access to affect. Allow yourself some time and energy to do what you can do to help restructure and recreate the world anew this year in whatever capacity you have to do so.

Maybe Mars would do best to DO some dreaming and psychic activities. Prayers and connecting to the oneness aspects of living. And do less, as Mars may run into some blocks if trying to get very assertive. Less may be more in terms of direct action and communication. April 29 Saturn in Capricorn turns Retrograde ends September 16 : Saturn in Capricorn means the tests are canceled for the middle of the year.