Ahau mayan astrology

Sun Character by Mayan Horoscope

Sun or Light energy represents source energy that compels us to seek our spiritual path. The dreamer or visionary in each of us who follows his heart while remaining grounded by earthly ancestral wisdom will complete the spiritual journey. Sun energy gives us the power to co-create whatever we put our attention to.

This energy of light resonates with new concepts. The Maya also called this day sign the Day of the Ancestors or Lords, which was considered to be the most sacred of all days. Carlos Barrios in Book of Destiny states that this day sign has the power to overcome negative energy. It is the realization of the solar body.

It is transformation, mutation, and acuity. It is the warrior, the companion, the traveler, the dancer, and the artist, maker of wonders. This powerful day sign also symbolizes leadership and intuitive power, in their many forms: On the negative side of heroism, Ahau represents hate, enmity, rage, and vengefulness.

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It is also the nagual and patron guardian of flowers, and governs solar and lunar eclipses. In the Classical Maya tradition, it is associated with the cardinal direction South and the color yellow.

On Ahau days, the Maya ask for wisdom, talent and physical strength and fortitude. Ahau helps us attain security and certainty, and to plan and achieve our goals and aspirations. We should also honor departed grandparents and other ancestors. Light is the ultimate source of all life.

Born of the sun and the stars, Light cannot be seen yet illuminates all else. It exists both as waves and as particles, and is the fastest elemental force in the universe.

The Trecena of Sun

The least you can do is spend a few minutes to reflect on what message you have received today before going to sleep. Do this with the awareness that you have received something valuable and meaningful in your life that can make a difference.

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  • Today is the day to correct your course of your life. If you are not living a life that serves your life purpose, the universe may try to steer you on to the right route and this can bring some painful lessons. But if you know your route, you can go a long way using the energy of today. An ideal way to start your day is to listen to your intuition and create new beginnings. Start anything that will be good for your soul like a new job, project, education, hobby or relationship.

    To create new intentions and make important decisions about your life is very beneficial for you. Any new beginning you make today will be fully supported by the universe. The seeds you plant today will grow in days and become fruitful trees.

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    Mayan Astrology Sign Ajpu

    It is an incredibly ideal day to receive any form of advice, counseling or healing. Similar to your Tzolkin Birthday you have around 8 to 10 significant days per month. The Full Report you purchase purchase will automatically calculate and show you all of your important days. To follow your lucky days in business, love and spiritual growth, click here and become a member.

    Serena's Guide to Mayan Astrology.

    Read a detailed report and 1-year calendar lucky days, you want to see? The Mayan calendar has 20 signs and they follow each other, changing on a daily basis. Your birthday falls on one of the days of the 20 day cycle and this is called the Day sign. The Day sign shows your typical attributes. The core of your character begins to shape when you reach puberty around years of age. The trecena ruler affects emotions, relationships and intuition.

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    Mythologically, 1 Sun symbolizes Hunajpu, the Hero Twin who was resurrected as the sun after he was killed in Xibalba. Sun means the actual sun, day, illumination and flower. The trecena of 1 Sun is a time of illumination in your relationships, when the best course of action is to bring things out into the open and avoid suppressing your feelings. Nurturing relationships and business partnerships is also emphasized. But Sun can also mean ruler or warrior, so pay heed to the potential for conflict.

    Sure, you want to up front about your feelings. The best balanced of them are 4 Night and 8 Deer, while one should be wary on 11 Dog and 12 Monkey. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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