January 4 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope

Your cosmic homework around this full moon eclipse is to identify what those are and get a plan to change them through habits and practice. There is something very exciting about this different terrain.

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All of the duties and responsibilities of the moment. Which in turn leads to frustration, which in turn leads to your energy being drained. This then leads to resistance. Figure out a couple of ways a day or a week to put future you first. Last but not least, you beautiful bull, focus on reveling in all that you have achieved, particularly in the last 6 months.

Partial Solar Eclipse of January 06

You can be really hard on yourself. Give your joy more space. I am loved. Lovely Gem, going back and refining could be a really great use of your time. In the world of work, there might be some ideas or inspirations you had a long time ago, that still simmer in the back of your mind. Make a plan and stick to bringing it to life.

Especially if, over time, it will pay off in money, connections, or greater ways, such as in a spiritual practice. Gorgeous dreamer, keep your dreams alive.

Aries Report for Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Cancer January 10, 2020 ~ Astrology

They will help you and they will help the world. At this Full Moon eclipse, assess where you are ready to grow. What are you ready to learn? Where do you need to retract, in order to go more deeply into a desire? It is never a bad idea to invest in yourself. Going behind the scenes for a bit to tend to what supports your magic might be the message of this full moon. These are your community and your friends.

These are your artistic lineages, what you look at every day, and what practices have got you here. You can nurture them with phone calls and love letters and treats and surprise gifts. You can concoct an altar to the artisans and psychics that helped you build this extraordinary life. You can fall back on them. You can rely on them.

You belong to one another. You can exhale more fully into the temple of life you have built.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 10–11 January – Where and When to See

If you have your own tarot deck, spend some time journaling about this card, and what it means to you and the themes and patterns of your life. What do the themes of abundance, money, building, collaborations, work, and worth mean to you? We recognize them for what they are: thoughts, memories, imprints, beliefs. We reconcile that within them are harm, and within them are helpful learnings.

We acknowledge that within them are truths, and within them are fallacies. They are the past, not the present. This Full Moon Eclipse is the time to no longer give those lies the time of day. At this time, you get to decide what are relevant to you. You get to decide what thoughts, what beliefs, and what messages you will be taking with you into this next year. Cultivate the supportive ones, the intriguing ones, the ones that echo the truths you feel in your heart and the ones you hold in your soul. When in doubt, call yourself back to the present moment.

Call yourself back to what is actually in front of you. Focus on what is calling to you. What feels important and what feels powerful.

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There is so much to do and you are just the one to do it. So many ideas percolating. So many projects wanting to come out this year that are going to change the game, for you and others. So much to communicate to so many people. Your cosmic homework is to focus on clarity and leave any and all distractions behind.

Your Guide to Lunar & Solar Eclipses in 12222 and How They’ll Affect Your Life

If you do, your work and life will soon take powerful flight. You can look to those around you who hold you dear to reflect your beauty back to you. Your partners—in love, life, work, and the greater community—will always offer up true support. They love you so much Leo, they really do. It could be a good weekend for you to have open and honest conversations about what everyone involved needs in order to have the most healthy, most balanced relationships. You might be the one who needs to bend. However, this Full Moon eclipse might really be bringing up some older patterns of love and lack, and certain scarcity tactics you use on yourself to avoid showing up for you, deep down in your core of hearts.

The hardest part is giving yourself healthy, unconditional love. It may be time to really sit with how you define your own language of self-love. It could be an action. It could be just sitting with your emotions more, tracing where they live in your body. It could be really admitting how you need certain relationships to change. With that, comes actual, real, different ways of relating. To self and others. It is not achieved in performances and reviews. It is letting people in whether you are grumpy or ecstatic, whether your house is a tidy picture or a messy home. It is showing up for yourself, as yourself, exactly as you are in this moment.

It is safe for you to speak your boundaries, your vulnerabilities. It is safe for you to share. It is safe for you to offer all the parts of you up to the altar of self. Salty, savory, shy, silky. The more offerings you make freely and openly, the more returns will boomerang back to you, straight back into your life, directly in harmony with your sweetest sentiment. At the Full Moon eclipse, find ways to celebrate and communicate your wholeness.

Virgo, currently, one area of your life is culminating. Something is arriving at fullness—just like this moon— that is a success. Can you let yourself enjoy? Can your revel in all the fullness, all the excitement, all the goodies? Not everyone needs to be convinced or impressed. How will I benefit? You need only let in those who adore you.

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  • One of the key themes of the 9 of Cups is wish fulfillment. You, more than most, know that you can have everything you want—just not at the same time. So if you are still yearning for some dreams to coalesce, this is a reminder to keep going. This is reminder to keep love alive along the way.

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    January 2020 Astrology Predictions – Part One

    Keep yourself feeling beautiful and hydrated at every inhale. At this Full Moon eclipse, what you focus on grows. There will always be something else to do, somewhere else to be. Sink into what is, as it is mostly likely some aspect of loveliness around it. Central Time, p.

    Mountain Time and p.